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Product Description

Nutriactor’s Lectamor is a nature’s gift to all nursing mothers all around the world. Effective combination of Fenugreek seed extract and blessed thistle herb extract is designed to help increase breast milk supply in quantity and quality by encouraging your body system to produce more breast milk naturally It promotes the flow of breast milk ejection that facilitates the let down of milk.


May support healthy production of breast milk
Helps enrich and increase nutrients breast milk production
Promotes healthy blood glucose levels already in normal range
Provides powerful antioxidant protection

Suitable for

Low milk supply
Low milk production
Delay in milk let down
Painful menstruation
Clogged milk ducts

Cautions & Interactions

If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional 
Use only as directed and always read the label

Direction for Use

For adults only           
Take 2 tablets daily as dietary supplement with water preferable after meal

What is the function of Fenugreek herb?

The herb contains phytoestrogens, which are plant chemicals similar to the female sex hormone estrogen. Their key compound, diosgenin, has been shown experimentally to increase milk flow.

Who can use Lectamor?

People who are facing low milk supply, low milk production, delay in milk let down, painful menstruation and clogged milk ducts can use Lectamor.

What are the reasons for low milk supply?

  • Inadequate fluid intake
  • Anxiety and fatigue
  • Use of medications
  • Physiological problems

What is the maximum amount of Lectamor I can take each day?

2 tablets per day should be consumed daily.

How Lectamor regulates the milk production and supply?

Estrogen is a female hormone responsible for milk production. Fenugreek seeds contains phytoestrogens that are similar to female hormone estrogen. Phytoestrogen increase the milk production and milk supply.

How to take it?

Take 2 tablets daily as dietary supplement with water preferable after meal.

Who should not use Lectamor?

Anyone who is pregnant or under medical supervision using any prescription drugs should use after consulting their health physician.

Where can I buy Nutrifactor’s Lectamor?                             

It is available at all leading chain pharmacies across Pakistan. You can also get home delivery by placing order online.

Is it registered?

Our all products are DRAP (Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan) approved and manufactured under Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs), ensuring that they are manufactured to high standards of Potency, Purity, Efficacy and Safety.

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